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Welcome to the Global Visions Coaching website. I am honoured to have you visit.
Take your time to NAVIGATE around the site, to fill in some of the interesting questionnaires and to discover more about yourself.

It is MY BELIEF that 95% of us live life skimming the surface.
When we scratch below the surface and it hurts, we pull back, due to our fears of not wanting to know more. But our fears are only an illusion. They keep us small and limit us from living life large. By that I mean, it is the existence of problems and challenges we face in our everyday lives that makes us fuller, stronger and wiser. We can run from them and become negative towards everything that happens in our life, or we can embrace them and become the original person we were always meant to be.
And so, as we start to feel more of the sadness and pain we have suffered in our lives, we are also able to feel more of the joys and delights of this wonderful place called life.
The ULTIMATE measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of confidence but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy - Martin Luther King Jr.


The Wheel of Life