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Couples Coaching

Building good relationships can be our greatest gift, and sometimes, our greatest challenge.

Human beings have an advanced capacity for creating conscious, intentional relationships - the ability to co-create the kinds of relationships we want instead of just reacting to external triggers.

We can all do our part to create better marriages, families, partnerships, friendships & work relationships. We each have the ability chose our own behavior and the quality we contribute to all our relationships.

I believe that marriage, a committed partnership & other important relationships offer an extra-ordinary opportunity to help each person realize his or her potential as an individual, as well as to be a better spouse, partner, friend or co-worker.

Even the best relationships have conflict, and instead of creating a spiral down to the destruction of the relationship, conflict can open doors that help both people advance on their road to wholeness as compassionate partners, allies and better human beings.

If your relationship is in crisis or in need of repair don’t wait until it’s too late. The world
needs LOVE not despair!

Using breakthrough techniques and exercises, I help couples:
  • get their relationship back on track;
  • reduce communication problems;
  • learn how to achieve lasting love, and
  • have a more loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationship.

As a graduate of The Centre for Right Relationship (CRR), Nidhi brings special knowledge and skills to help people create, repair, nourish and empower conscious, intentional relationships.

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