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1. My coach calls on time for our scheduled appointments. Yes   No
2. My coach is fully attentive during our coaching sessions. Yes   No
3. Significant progress is being made thanks to coaching.
Yes   No
4. The coach's style is exactly what I need for me.
Yes   No
5. I feel fully respected, yet challenged to learn and grow.
Yes   No
6. I am pleased with what I receive for the fee I am paying.
Yes   No
7. I feel I can tell my coach virtually anything. Yes   No
8. My coach offers support, insights and strategies. Yes   No
9. My coach has adapted in order to meet my needs. Yes   No
10. I am confident that I'll reach my goals.
Yes   No
11. I am noticeably empowered thanks to coaching. Yes   No
12. We have designed the right amount and type of structure.
Yes   No
13. I feel that my coach keeps our conversations confidential.
Yes   No
14. I feel that my coach is being proactive with me. Yes   No
15. My coach is exceeding my expectations. Yes   No
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