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Global Initiatives

Motto: To improve children's lives affected by AIDS and impoverished circumstances through education, and to promote women's literacy around the world.

My deepest desire has always been to help others, especially underprivileged and impoverished women and children.
In 2008, I founded my first charity in the name of Wings for Zambians (, to pay homage to the country where I was raised and lived for 21 years.

I have raised funds of over $10,000 and I am working with several organizations in Zambia, primarily schools and orphanages, to support children with their education and to be able to continue to further education.

I believe that our future lies in the children of the country and in improving literacy rates of women in particular.
The current state of affairs in Zambia:
Stricken by aids, the average life expectancy is 38 years old, the lowest in the whole world. 1 in 5 children are orphans. Babies are being orphaned at birth, being taken in by relatives, mostly grandmothers. Food is scarce, money non-existent.
Research facts:
  • the primary school fees per child per year is $125/child per year, includes uniforms and school supplies;
  • average salaries for teachers is $70 a month;
  • the cost of a bag of mealie meal (the staple food in Zambia ) at the time of writing is $15 / kg bag;
  • Secondary school fees per child per year are  $222/year, without any fees or uniforms or supplies.
What the future holds:
With so many needs to fulfill, it seems like an uphill challenge, however, hope brings courage and courage brings life.
  • The higher dream would be to start sponsoring one child at a time for further education to see them to University level.

  • My sincerest intention is to find food donors for Kondwa Orphanage and Twashuka Nursery School, eg. 5 bags of mealie meal per month for 1 year, and so forth.

  • My vision is to see all friends living in Zambia and globally, to start buying and supporting local farmers produce as opposed to purchasing fruit and vegetables in the grocery stores. In Zambia, certainly, for the ladies who sit at the roadsides selling their produce, this is their only means of survival to put food on the table. For our farmers all over the world, including right here in Canada, farmers are suffering and need our support to survive.

  • Anyone who has access to clothes and shoes, these are sorely needed by all the children - If you know of a way to ship merchandise back to Zambia economically, please get in touch with me. The same goes for books, school supplies, toys, and so on.

  • Volunteers are needed and welcomed to work on our projects, it can be for an hour, a day or a week, and anything from reading to the children to playing games to cooking them a meal.

  • Your suggestions, feedback and comments are always welcome!
Future events:
  • Fundraiser planned for 2010, we would like helpers, ideas and suggestions

  • Zambian jewellery and local artisans product launch in Toronto - we are looking for individuals and distributors willing to sell this merchandise in their areas, with a portion of the proceeds going to our WFZ projects

  • Presentations at local schools of our WFZ Projects (and please contact me if would like to do this at your child's school)

What you can do:

If you are interested in making a donation please click on our paypal link now. Any amount is appreciated.

To learn more about the children of Zambia, go to
Future Initiatives
My next Global Initiative is to work with children and women in India.


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