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My Path

Why Coaching?

I believe I was born to coach. One of the greatest dreams of my life was to make a living doing work that I love.

I have worked in different industries and managed several businesses, always putting my passion and loyalty into my work, and now I can accurately say that I am doing work that is TRULY IN ALIGNMENT WITH MY SOUL’S PURPOSE.
Professional Background/Training
  • I am a Professional Co-Active Coach™, trained through the world class instructors of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI - www.thecoaches.com) of San Rafael, CA, one of a select few coaching schools to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

  • I am a Professional Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach, trained through The Center for Right Relationship of California
    (CRR – www.centerforrightrelationship.com).

  • I am a certified Team Coaching practitioner and authorized facilitator of the Team DiagnosticTM Assessment, through Team Coaching International, California

  • I am a Member with the ICF, International Coaches Federation, Toronto Chapter, the leading body that sets quality and ethical standards in the field of coaching. (ICF - www.coachfederation.org).

  • Over the past twelve years, I have had a wide variety of trainings with a number of innovative leaders and practitioners within the emerging & interconnecting fields of coaching, personal development and body-mind-spirit.

  • Prior to my career as a Life and Business Coach, I ran two successful home décor businesses for many years. Owning my own business at a young age has been my greatest achievement and challenge in life so far.

  • I am passionate about working with children and founded my charity organization, Wings for Zambians, www.wingsforzambians.com in 2008 and continue to fund raise and organise volunteer help and other aid.

  • I received my BSc (Hons) degree in Hotel and Catering Management from Middlesex University, England, and have worked in the Hospitality industry for many years.
  • I was born in England, and have lived in Zambia, England and Canada.
  • I am a practising Hindu and follow the Arya Samaj principles of life.
  • I am an ardent follower of Buddhism philosophies and beliefs.
  • I have worked in England, France, Canada, America, India & Zambia.
  • I speak Hindi, Punjabi, French and English.
  • I have travelled to over 30 countries, for both work and pleasure. Travelling is both a hobby as well as a passion.
  • Other hobbies include ethnic cuisine, gardening, reading and writing.
Why Global Visions Coaching?
I believe that people are the same no matter where they live on the globe, it is only our geographical distance that separates us. And we all have the same passions, wants, desires and purposes. Since we are all people of the world, I believe there are no boundaries to achieving what we want from life, regardless of our situation of where we live, or our beliefs and taboos around our cultural backgrounds. These are limiting beliefs that hold us back, and therefore I ask the same questions of all my clients that are all over the globe…  What is your Purpose? What are you Here to Accomplish?
My Coach
Samy Chong came into my life within my second year of moving to Canada and he has never left my side since. His favourite question to me was always the same, “ so who’s the common denominator Nidhi”? He made me question everything, the why’s, the what’s, the who’s, and the wants, but more importantly, he made me realise that we all have a purpose.
“We don’t have to follow the path that’s laid out for us, it’s OK to create your own, it’s OK to speak your truth, it’s OK to be authentic and it’s ok to be REAL and to be on PURPOSE!”  - Nidhi Gupta


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