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Team & Organizational Coaching

As a qualified Organizational & Relationship Systems Coach and certified Team Coach from Team Coaching International, I work with teams and groups of different types and sizes; leadership teams, intact teams by department, short-term or long-term project teams, cross-functional teams, virtual teams, and so on. Different teams need to be developed using specific methods that meet the objectives of each team need and project.

Through powerful experiential training, demonstrations, skill practices and practical tools, my coaching methods will take your team through a powerful process that generates team alignment, better communication, resolve conflict and greatly increase productivity, than if left on their own.
One of the methodologies I use is a unique and effective Team DiagnosticTM assessment that gives you a snapshot of where the team is with regards to it’s current productivity and positivity. This enables you to leverage the talents of individuals within the group and create synergies of thinking, innovating and delivering results. Another tool I use measures the ROI of each individual team member, both before and after the training, giving you both measurable and defined results.

When teams are working well, they create synergy by having multiple people with different skills and abilities converge on a specific problem or opportunity. When a team is dialed-in for success - it increases the chance to maximize synergy.

Maximizing synergy gives your organization the opportunity to accomplish more with the same number of people. When teams aren’t functioning well, not only do organizations lose synergy, they actually find this situation has a suffocating effect on productivity that directly affects bottom-line performance.

The following is a list is some of the workshops we have conducted for our clients:
Managing Teams in a Global Environment
In this workshop, managers will develop skills to lead global teams through change, develop customer centricity, link global processes to clear goals, respect cultural diversity and accept differences, communicate effectively with virtual teams, conduct effective meetings, and rely on technology to close the virtual gap.
Effective Team Communication
Our communication style affects the way we delegate, communicate and influence others. In this workshop, managers/supervisors/teams, and a blend of all 3, do a self-assessment of their communication style. They also role play several scenarios and learn how to choose the style that best fits the given situation. Conflict resolution is addressed as well as how to disengage when the conversation is becoming unproductive.
Managing Change in Your Organization
Learn how to manage change and transition in your organization, due to new ownership, mergers and/or organizational downsizing. Understand the stages of change that you and your employees will experience. Begin to think strategically about the change and plan ahead to increase acceptance and reduce negative impact.
Team/Leader Retreat Workshops
Our signature workshop, this customized team building/leader retreat workshop is organized entirely by our expert team building facilitation team, complete with hotel, meeting space, transportation, recreational activities, community work, a reception, themed gala dinner and entertainment. The workshop location can be within the organization’s home country or held overseas. Our team/leader retreat locations are from 1-5 nights at stunning resorts and locations worldwide.

In this workshop, team members and leaders will learn to use a multitude of tools and strategies in a highly experiential and a fully hands on training programme. We will facilitate fun and exciting indoor and outdoor team challenges, recreational activities and inspiring community work, with effective and long lasting team boosting results. It will allow team members to focus on strengthening their relationships, aligning their vision and goals, and defining their roles.

All members will leave this retreat fully refreshed and focused, with defined goals and relationships, and a solid handle on their future team and organizational endeavours.

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