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I enjoyed and benefitted from Nidhi's coaching enormously. She has a way of supporting her clients to find what is truly in them and what drives them to achieve whatever they seek. She is amazing and has an incredible gift to give.
- B. Taylor, Artist & Entrepreneur

In the five months I've been coached by Nidhi, I've been supported to make some very significant and positive decisions. With her warmth, strength and enthusiasm, our sessions have really grown and inspired me. On the one hand, Nidhi has added a great deal of self-awareness and clarity to my situation.
But even more importantly, she has continually empowered me to move thoughts into action. It has certainly been a powerful journey so far and I'm incredibly thankful for this coaching experience with Nidhi.
- A. Bery, S, National Account Manager, Multi Media Company

Nidhi coaches with a big heart, brave intuition and fierce support. Her warmth creates connection while her insight inspires me to live big. Thank you for being the coach you are.
- L. Tomlinson, New Mum & Home Business Operator

Do you ever get the feeling that something is not right and you can’t figure it out. Nidhi is the light bulb in your head that allows you to figure it all out. She helped me realize what I have been doing wrong and guided me in the directions that I should be on. Sometimes you need to change how you have been looking at life and love. Nidhi helped me to do this and I have figured it out!!!! I am now in the best relationship of my life with a person who I never thought would be the one for me. Thanks Nidhi for giving me the perspective I so badly needed.
- V. Gohil, Dental Hygienist

I consider Nidhi to be a great head hunter… not for the perfect career but for the perfect life. She was able to recognize and intuit my needs precisely, and advise on how I could create the perfect life for me. She is intuitive and her enthusiasm really inspires me to find exactly what I want and to not settle for anything less!
- T.R. Lapin, Wholesale Business Owner

Nidhi has been able to 'shine the light' into some areas of me that I was unable to see by myself. I have used these new awareness’s to make different choices and I am enjoying my life more than I ever have before.
- S. Jones, Personal Coaching Client


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