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Our workshops are fun and interactive, and deliver a powerful and inspirational learning experience.
You will leave motivated and and ready for action with a host of ideas and tools to help you make significant forward progress.
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Transform your life
This workshop is great for anyone who is ready and committed to moving forwards in their life, whatever their age or circumstance. Are you ready to make the change in your life? Whether you've been contemplating a career transition, a change in your home circumstances or personal life, a move out of the corporate world, or want to start an important project, return to work, grow a business and/or boost your self confidence, this workshop is for you. We will support, encourage and challenge you to take charge of your life. You'll be guided through a step by step process, to discover what you really want to get from life, what the next step is for you, and create a plan of action to take you forward. You will come away feeling motivated and inspired with a framework to support you in moving your life onto the next level - enabling you to unlock your true potential.

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Transform your career
Career Coaching / Career Change Workshop: Whether you are contemplating a complete career change, want a better job/promotion, or simply want to get more out of your current role, this workshop will inspire and support you to take action. You will to get in touch with YOU, your accomplishments, your key strengths and start to discover your values, your purpose and what makes you unique. You will receive advice and support in key areas such as creating your resume and improving your interview performance. This highly supportive process will help you to define a genuine new direction and you will learn how to utilise your natural strengths, build your confidence fand clarify your career goals.

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Transform your business
Business Coaching / Business Development Workshop: Have you dreamt of running your own business, but don't know where to start? Do you already own a small business, or work independently, and want to build on your current success? This workshop is designed to address the unique challenges faced when starting or running your own small business. It is packed with practical tips on how to focus your business on making the most of its opportunities, covering a range of topics including: business performance, business potential, planning and strategy, leadership, profitability, sales and marketing. You will receive the support, structure and tools you need to create a successful and fulfilling business, along with the opportunity to meet and work with other small business owners looking for effective ways to meet the challenges of running their own business.

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Self Esteem Workshop: Honouring Your Essence
This workshop is designed for people who want to discover their essence and gain more confidence in their lives. We will uncover the ‘blocks’ in your life and help to identify your 3 p’s: purpose, passion and priority. We will spend the day doing a series of fun, hands on projects, visualizations and writing exercises to help connect to the essence of who you are. Participants will understand how to make choices that will impact their attitude with themselves and others in a more positive way. You will receive coaching and support throughout the day, you will gain more clarity on the gifts you bring to the world and you feel more empowered to live your best life!

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Understanding Relationships – How did we get here?
Hundreds of men and women have asked this question in one form or another over the years, and the standard answer is this: in every case, two people carry the responsibility for the relationship. “But to what degree?” they ask. Answer: “Each person is 100% responsible for the results of the relationship”.

In this workshop we will uncover how provoking the other person, stonewalling, defensiveness, disconnecting and shutting down, or some other factor, all affect our relationships. On this deeper level, minus the defensiveness, it is easier to see that drama in relationships can’t happen without two participants. We will work to raise your level of consciousness and self-awareness as to why you get triggered and what choices to make around this. With greater consciousness, the gain is a longer moment of choice and thus better choices.

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